Who we are

We are specialized in JavaScript (we do other things as well). We seek to create an atmosphere of supportive learning and knowledge exchange at our office.

At Rhyme we trust you to speak your mind in projects, to engage with customers and team members and drive the problem-solving. We want you to feel empowered to make your own decisions, but also have colleagues to lean on if needed.

What to expect

As Rhyme is a small dynamic company you have a lot of flexibility in shaping your own project work, as well as the company itself. For a more in-depth look at what it means to work at Rhyme we have decided to share a shortened version of our employee handbook:

Rhyme Queens

Values & what we believe

We want to foster a culture that leverages the competence of the whole team - no matter what project we are on. We have taken to heart the multitude of research that studies high performing teams in creative tech environments and concludes that it all comes down to trust.

The possibility of failure is always present when you create something new. And we believe that our employees must feel comfortable in making those mistakes in order to truly be innovative and create top-tier products and solutions. True to our philosophy of taking big decisions together, during a workshop all Rhymers together formulated our culture in three great words: Trust, Togetherness and Innovation.

Rhyme employees

What it means to work at Rhyme

Our team is a diverse bunch of characters, some have come straight from school, some have become developers later in life, some are computer science graduates and some are self-taught experts. But all share an interest in JavaScript and are devoted to becoming the best developers they can be.

Rhyme traveling

We offer:

  • Creative, skilled and humble co-workers that help you reach your best
  • Continuous knowledge development through projects and internal trainings
  • A fun, laidback and supportive culture where your co-workers all have your back
  • Lots of fun activities outside regular office hours (recent activities have included pottery, go-karts and Counterstrike)
  • Weekly afterwork with table tennis and board games
  • A yearly conference trip (preferably somewhere warm abroad) focusing on team-building and development
  • 4000 SEK yearly set aside for your physical wellbeing
  • 30 days vacation per year to let you recharge your batteries
  • Healthcare insurance and a supportline should you need outside help
  • We set aside additional fund for you pension
  • A dynamic career and salary model based on your own progress

Open Positions

What we look for:

If you are a go-getter, dynamic and willing to grab opportunities that come your way, Rhyme is the place to be. Rhyme can be your playground where dreams take flight, ideas turn into innovations and every goal achieved is celebrated.

If you don’t find an opening that suits you, feel free to send us an email with your resume and we’ll take it from there!

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