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Rhyme is a consultancy of developers focusing on the JavaScript ecosystem, e.g. React.js, React Native, GraphQL, Node.js. We work with customers ranging from small startups to large blue-chip companies, helping them build innovative applications and boosting their development teams.


At Rhyme, we help you to navigate your digital transformation through expertise, hard work and sheer passion. We work together with your team to
produce a long lasting creative collaboration and to find the solution that is perfect for no one but

What We Do

We go into every project with a long-term view. We aim to create innovative solutions and products based on sustainability, stability and maintainability. We focus on customer centric solutions, and efficient high performing code that scales well, in order for you to achieve your business objectives.

We always seek to work closely with our clients in order to deliver the best possible solutions that deliver above and beyond set expectations, no matter if we are developing a new product or building on an existing solution. We believe that this is the recipe that makes us able to pride ourselves with long fruitful client relationships. Learn more

Our Work

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Navigio preview image


Navigio is a fast-growing Swedish executive search firm that saw a need to develop a new business platform and contacted Rhyme to advice on strategy and deliver the solution. The move was driven by a need to keep up with the competition and facilitating the work of account managers by aggregating information and communication on recruitment processes.

Who We Are

We are JavaScript enthusiasts, problem-solvers and creative thinkers who love to build new things and help modernize the web and digital landscape. Our team consists of strategists, architects, fullstackers, frontenders and designers. At Rhyme we take pride in an empowering culture of trust and collaboration that we believe is an enabler of creativity and a generally great working environment. We offer a lot of flexibility, except that we want you to focus on constant development and learning and applying new techniques! Learn more

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on our three core values: innovation, togetherness and trust. In these three short and simple words lies the backbone of what you can expect us to be - whether you're a client or an employee. Please take a moment and see if our values are as meaningful to you as they are to us. If so - we might be the perfect match for you!



Innovation is the cornerstone of all progress. To innovate means being creative, to create new things and improving those already in place. For us it's therefore very important to put innovation high up on our agenda so that we can strive to make better products and improve the approach together. We dare to approach things differently. And do it better.



For us, doing things together always equals a win. A close collaboration between co-workers and with our clients always lead to a better end-result. We always welcome new people to our community, something that strengthens us as a company and something we are very proud of.



To trust in each other and dare to ask each other for help will make us grow together. By being transparent, inclusive and honest we create the best possible prerequsites for trust - an absolute must for us to continue thriving.