Digital client platform and education tool for executive search firm

Web development & Systems design Backend & Frontend

Navigio is a fast-growing Swedish executive search firm that saw a need to develop a new platform and contacted Rhyme to advice on strategy and deliver the solution. The move was driven by a need to keep up with the competition and facilitating the work by account managers by aggregating information and communication on recruitment processes. The purpose of the tool was thus that by digitalizing, increasing the efficiency of the main operational process of matching candidates with open positions. Account managers wanted a single platform where they could manage their projects, their candidates and keep track of recruitment processes and ensure diligent communication in order to provide their clients and customers with a first-rate experience.
The client wanted an internal tool focused on the key functionality of providing support and keeping track of progress in recruitment processes, from the startup meeting to a finalized recruitment. The solution needed to enable account managers to keep track on and manage projects and profiles in an intuitive and user-friendly way. Desired functionality included being able to, as admins, adding clients, creating projects and registering candidates’ profiles, as well as uploading the needed files and information. Moreover, admins needed to be able to attach candidates to the right recruitment processes and keep track on progress with each candidate all the way to contract signing. Finally, the system needed a simple way of managing information to avoid cluttering the tool with multiple processes for each client and candidate.
The application is built on AWS for flexibility, cost & maintainability. It consists of two servers setup with:
  • An Node.js/ Express backend & API
  • MongoDB
  • A NGINX web server
  • A Express / Handlebars Frontend
  • Static assets uploaded and hosted on AWS S3
  • Build and continuous delivery pipeline on Bitbucket.
The two servers are practically identical and are used as a staging environment and a production environment. As this application is an internal tool for a medium sized company the main goal for the application’s infrastructure is to minimize the cost of running while keeping the latency and usability low. All of the applications' different parts are hosted and running inside of a virtual machine of type ec2 - t2.medium (2 CPU’s, 4GB RAM). The machine is backed up every 24 hours.