What We Do

At Rhyme we build web apps, mobile apps, cloud services and other software in partnership with our clients. Our expertise is based on the JavaScript ecosystem and build mainly in e.g. React.js, React Native, GraphQL and Node.js. We seldom propose ready-built solutions, but rather make sure to tailor our choice of technology to our clients’ needs in order to find the best solution. Whether you need help with a new idea, need assistance with an existing solution, or with optimization of your code base, we’ll be able to help.


Digital business advisory1

The key to successful digital efforts is understanding how they enable your underlying business objectives. We help connect your digital investments to your business goals and advise on digital strategy.

Frontend development2

Rhyme creates quality frontend structure that is scalable and maintainable. Attention to design and how things look and feel is in our DNA and something we pride ourselves with. Read more

What we do

We help you make the right technical choice to support your business goals. We are the partner that can build technically challenging solutions, while making sure that your product is modern, scalable and reliable. At Rhyme we like to say that we are “tech agnostic”, meaning we are never to be constrained in our choice of solution based on what we have done before. The rapid change and progress within frontend development means that we need to be free to constantly update our choice of tech in order to provide the best possible solution for our clients, instead of being burdened by how it has been done previously.

How we do it

We provide more than just hands to write code; we provide leadership in terms of a counterpart that challenges the solution and how it helps you realize your strategy. Our goal is not simply to deliver on a proposed solution, we empower our teams to improve it, all the while enacting best practices of maintainability and sustainability to create a strong end product.

Tech/What we use

As mentioned above Rhyme never goes into a partnership with a readymade solution or tech choice, but we are best known for our work in React, React Native, HTML, CSS, as well as the larger JavaScript ecosystem.

Example cases

We integrate and work tightly together with design teams and stakeholders ranging from small to larger teams. We aim to effectively deliver actionable frontends that can be part of a single effort high fidelity delivery where the result can be part of a complete solution without change for years to come. Or more often and with more joy work together with cross functional teams to iterate well received user interface code going from first prototype to the MVP. And finally continuously improve on a production ready product to fine tune after well tested versions to amplify user experience, result and happiness. For example we delivered from a ready made design to ATG the well received voting page for their yearly awardÅrets häst.

On the other hand we were part of the larger product team in delivering Prism CNC (kan länka till våran interna case study också) to Sandvik AB. Where we started with a prototype and worked our way over the course of over a year to a production ready product and passing many milestones on the wayPrism.

Code optimization, auditing and architecture assessment3

Raising performance of existing applications by review and rationalization of code base, coupled with an overhaul of systems architecture and design. Read more

What we do

Improving and simplifying a current code base or architecture can sometimes be the most efficient way of increasing the performance of an application. Our goal is to improve application metrics with system-wide optimization, assessment of architecture and code inspection.

How we do it

Our senior developers analyze the current solution by reviewing the code base and making an assessment of what can be approved and how, based on business goals and end-user experience, with the minimum amount of disturbance to uptime and performance. Opportunities include code deduplication, rationalizations of systems design and better measuring of performance. We generally seek to maintain what we can, while also laying the groundwork for further development of the current application.

Tech/What we use

To assess browser performance we use the browser’s developer tools.

Example cases, a product that has been through many years and many different developers and development cycles since it first was released. The lack of a cohesive vision of the code base and product was apparent. Many of the tools that we usually use today and take for granted were missing. We have added linting and have converted the code base to a consistent code style. While building new features we continuously build out tests for the legacy code base to try to ensure high uptime and a minimal amount of

Backend development, integrations and platform4

Backend development and infrastructure, including databases, APIs, integrations and cloud deployment to ensure scalable and robust performance of services. Read more

What we do

We provide our clients with a full solution in terms of end-to-end development. That implies that we create applications that are well-designed, reliable, high-performing and flexible. At Rhyme we have deep expertise in setting up a scalable infrastructure, working with third-party integrations and systems design that enables your business goals by using the latest techniques available.

How we do it

We use our thorough expertise in architecture, database design, APIs and integrations to build state of the art platforms. We choose the cloud infrastructure and tools that best allows our clients to deliver value to their customers.

Tech/What we use

The languages and frameworks we primarily use are Node.js, JavaScript, Typescript, Express, GraphQL, MongoDB, MySQL, NGINX

Example cases

The application we delivered for Navigios internal management tool is built on AWS for flexibility, cost & maintainability. It consists of two servers setup with: An Node.js/ Express backend exposing an API that delivers all needed functionality for a completely custom made internal tool complete with: document handling, questionnaires, user handling, two factor authentication, mailing services and more. It is delivered as previously mentioned node, MongoDB, nginx and various services on the AWS cloud platform.Navigio website.

Types of projects

We can provide a complete team or simply boost our clients own resources. While we can offer a fixed rate, we generally advise clients to go for a running rate that offers more flexibility in terms of project scope and objective, allowing for a completely agile process.

New products and solutions5

At Rhyme we love building new products. Whether you're a small startup seeking to realize your digital solution or part of a larger engineering department looking to build a new MVP our competence can be integral to achieve those goals. We can be there all the way: from the ideation phase and providing technical advice on how to best achieve your goals. We can guide you on the best UX/UI setup, how to visualize data to end-users and the best backend structure to allow your solution to run smoothly and reliably long after we are gone. Alternatively, we can come in and deliver on your own predetermined solution. It’s up to you.

Existing products and solutions6

We can help you modernize and update an existing solution in need of updated features or improved performance. Our team selects technologies that are tailored to your needs in order to give you a competitive advantage. Rhyme will work closely with you to identify your technology needs and business goals and then propose solutions that help to transition your product to the next generation. Our goal is to transfer the needed know-how to allow your own team to maintain and update the product after our work is done. But we are also always just a text away should the need arise.

Strengthening existing projects with competencies7

We also offer resources to customers needing specific expertise in their ongoing projects. Our developers will then be embedded in your greater development team to provide technical expertise, advise and support. Rhyme does not just provide an extra pair of hands but consultants that bring a strategic and long-term view to bear, helping you to build a sustainable product.

Writing a brief:

We have gathered our greatest tips and tricks of what should be included in a digital brief. Great communication between you as a client and Rhyme is essential for a successful partnership. You writing a digital brief is a cornerstone to start that relationship. Working in a structured fashion towards an explicit goal is much more efficient than guessing and creating countless examples, saving resources and money. Please send me the digital brief.