Experienced Javascript developer (Node.js, React)

What we look for:

If you are a go-getter, dynamic and willing to grab opportunities that come your way, Rhyme is the place to be. Rhyme can be your playground where dreams take flight, ideas turn into innovations and every goal achieved is celebrated. If you don’t find an opening that suits you, feel free to send us an email with your resume and we’ll take it from there!

Experienced Javascript developer (Node.js, React)




There is no typical project at Rhyme - our focus is to solve fun and interesting challenges using code. We do everything, from smaller development projects running for a few months to help small startups, to longer engagements with large teams for blue chip organisations. Together we have built everything ranging from smaller campaign sites to business critical applications, mobile applications, intranets and e-commerce solutions. Your colleagues are software developers with a broad spectrum of experiences and we usually work at our office rather than at the client site. Everything to support each other in our competence growth and deliver to the best of our abilities! (And it’s so much fun to work together!)

We believe in a high degree of self governance in regards for how our developers do their job - this means that we would like to see that you are independant and take on challenges without supervision. We make sure to have a supportive and forgiving environment where everyone can feel secure to try new things. We are a tight knit-team that backs each other up no matter the situation. To dare to make mistakes is important for us - that is often when you grow and gain experience. On top of that we strongly believe in curiosity and determination - the will and the drive to push yourself makes the work more fun and developing for you as an individual.


While most of the people at Rhyme aim to work fullstack, people will usually lean towards frontend or backend development even if they are part of the full development spectrum. At Rhyme we believe in trying new frameworks and techniques but we like Node.js / MongoDB / React / Express. We have begun looking at new frameworks and languages; Golang / Dart / Svelte and more. In our arsenal there are also some old classics such as PHP and Java. We also like DevOps to make our daily efforts easier to handle. When we write tests we have experience with Jest / Enzyme and React Testing Library. In our projects we use Gitflow for structure and version control.


On top of you feeling that you would fit into the environment described above we want you to have at least three years experience, you are meticulous and have a habit of working in projects within IT development. This means that you have an understanding of agile ways of working, understands the importance of planning, demanding requirements and creating acceptance criterias (together with a client and/or team). It is a plus if you are comfortable working with fullstack and the usual Javascript frameworks. It is also great if you know other languages, have used a Headless CMS as well as experience of DevOps, CI/CD or cloud development. Higher education is meritable but not a requirement for the diligent and ambitious self-learner. You also need to be fluent both in written and spoken Swedish and English on a professional level.


We attach great importance to creating an inclusive, open-minded atmosphere and (pre-covid) doing a lot of social activities. We think it's fun to work together in the office, but it's of course possible to work from home from time to time. Our goal is for everyone to feel comfortable and be able to be themselves. In addition, we offer:

  • 30 Days of paid vacation
  • 5000 SEK in yearly health benefit
  • A competency-based and a transparent salary model based on clear criterias, i.e. even if you are a bad negotiator you should be paid what you deserve
  • Fun, humble and supportive colleagues
  • 5000 SEK in personal development budget on a yearly basis
  • Educational sessions where colleagues show new techniques and best practices (which usually leads to loads of exciting discussions, that knowledge is spread and that you as a co-worker know where to turn)
  • Loads of exciting afterworks and social activities after work (pre-covid we tried turning clay, climbing and Bounce)
  • One yearly trip where we get to know a new place as well as each other
  • Occupational pension according to the collective agreement, health insurance and conversational therapy
  • Opportunity to influence most things (we only see it as positive if you get involved!)
  • A really wonderful culture where we care about each other and a safe space where you get to be yourself!

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Who we are

We are specialised in JavaScript (we do other things as well). We seek to create an atmosphere of supportive learning and knowledge exchange at our office.

At Rhyme we trust you to speak your mind in projects, to engage with customers and team members and drive the problem-solving. We want you to feel empowered to make your own decisions, but also have colleagues to lean on if needed.

What to expect

As Rhyme is a small dynamic company you have a lot of flexibility in shaping your own project work, as well as the company itself. For a more in-depth look at what it means to work at Rhyme we have decided to share a shortened version of our employee handbook:

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Values & what we believe

We want to foster a culture that leverages the competence of the whole team - no matter what project we are on. We have taken to heart the multitude of research that studies high performing teams in creative tech environments and concludes that it all comes down to trust.

The possibility of failure is always present when you create something new. And we believe that our employees must feel comfortable in making those mistakes in order to truly be innovative and create top-tier products and solutions. True to our philosophy of taking big decisions together, during a workshop all Rhymers together formulated our culture in three great words: Trust, Togetherness and Innovation.

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What it means to work at Rhyme

Our team is a diverse bunch of characters, some have come straight from school, some have become developers later in life, some are computer science graduates and some are self-taught experts. But all share an interest in JavaScript and are devoted to becoming the best developers they can be.

If you have any questions about working at Rhyme don’t hesitate to reach out to our coworker Pernilla - it’s always a good idea to talk to someone who actually works here if you’re curious:

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We offer:

  • Creative, skilled and humble co-workers that will help you be the best
  • Continuous development through projects, lunch 'n' learn and show 'n' tells
  • A fun, supportive and laidback culture where your co-workers doesn't hesitate to come to your aid
  • A lot of fun activities outside of regular office hours (recent activities have included pottery making, go-cart racing and playing Counterstrike)
  • Weekly after work with table tennis and board games
  • A yearly conference (preferably abroad and somewhere warm) where we focus on team building and company development
  • 5 000 SEK a year in benefits for physical activities
  • 30 days vacation time for recharging you batteries properly
  • Healthcare insurance including a support line should you feel the need to talk to a professional
  • Regular deposits to you occupational pension
  • A dynamic career and salary model based on your progress